Song Fight!

Between 2003 and 2007, I did a lot of songs for Song Fight!, an online competition for DIY musicians and songwriters. I submitted lots of songs where I wrote, recorded, and played everything. I also submitted a number of songs with Eric as “Brody”. I also collaborated with numerous musical artists from around the globe on different tracks here.

When Eric and I found Song Fight! and submitted our first song (Shreds), we both had been playing together pretty much weekly for almost 8 years, had been writing our own original songs together and separately, and I had probably 5 years of multitrack recording experience under my belt. So we were not just ready for the challenge, we were ready to rumble.

Back in 2006, I hosted the annual Song Fight! Live weekend in Santa Cruz, California.

Song Fight! Live “High and Dry” poster art by Spud. 

Red Flag – Brody (Live at Cayuga Vault, Santa Cruz, CA)

Pickles and Ice Cream – Brody (Live at Cayuga Vault, Santa Cruz, CA)


The Song Fight! Catalog

The Songs:


The Names:

  • Alfred E. Shrub: Steve solo
  • The Bloody Hams: Steve, Ken, Tom, Adam, Bolio
  • Brody: Steve & Eric
  • Captain Emo: Steve solo
  • Hedefine: Steve, Rob, and Tom
  • Insects Ahead: Steve and Glenn Case
  • Jack Daniels: Steve solo
  • Jack Shite: Steve solo
  • The Japantown Three: Steve, Blue, Damian
  • The Jet Eye – Steve solo
  • Johnny in the Corner: Steve and Johnny Cashpoint
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