Belmont Tea Party – June 26, 2021

After not playing together for more than 2 years, most of Squirmer reunited for a really fun jam session at Chez Carreras in Belmont. Chris set up a new music room, complete with a PA/mixer and a full drum kit. Mark had other commitments so he wasn’t able to come down, but we were able to get our friend Kevin to fill in on drums. I showed up early to set up a recording rig with Chris. Production notes at the bottom of this page. We played from about 3PM until about 10PM, with about an hour break for dinner, and a couple other 5 minute breaks, so almost 6 hours of playing music. Chris made us some yummy Korean street food stuff, with noodles and marinated mushrooms, pickled radish, and grilled skirt steak. It was the bomb.

Just a really fun day of making music with old friends who I miss playing with very much.

Best listened to with headphones turned all the way up!

The Players:
  • Chris: guitars, bass, vocals
  • Eric: guitars, vocals
  • Steve: guitars, vocals
  • Bill: bass, guitars, vocals
  • Kevin: drums
The Songs

Warmup/Franklin’s Tower jam (Grateful Dead cover)

Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead cover)

Afterglow (Marble Party cover)

Went Down Swinging (Tom Petty cover)

Loving Cup (Rolling Stones cover)

Blue Sky (Allman Brothers cover)

Red Flag (original song Eric and I did for Song Fight!)

Back in the USSR (Beatles cover)

I Can’t Be Counted On (Meat Puppets cover)

Christian Hits Mavericks (Steve and Eric original)

Overture/Captain Walker/It’s a Boy (Who cover)

Devils Haircut (Beck cover)

Jesus Lives on Haight Street (Steve and Chris original)

Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)

A Salty Salute (Guided By Voices cover)

Production and Recording Notes:

We ran 4 vocal mics through a PA/Mixer and into a floor monitor speaker and we hung 2 SM58 mics to live mic the room. The 2 track live room mics were run through a Focusrite A/D converter into Garageband on a MacBook Air.

Chris played his 77 Gibson RD Standard through a Mesa Boogie. Eric played an LsL Telecaster through a Fender Pro Junior tube amp. I played either my friend Peter’s 1980 Gibson L6-S Custom or my 95 Fender Stratocaster through a 70’s Music Man amp. Bill played his Fender P-bass through an SWR bass amp. Kevin played this massive drum kit that Chris scored for free.


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